What Is the Most Profitable Photography Niche?

Photography is one of the most versatile professions on the planet with some of the photography niches being profitable and others… well, less profitable. But what is the most profitable photography niche?

The most profitable photography niche is Event Photography. Let’s say you are at the wedding and you see this gorgeous-looking bride that always has one or two photographers running around and taking photos of her. Or perhaps, you are at your favorite artist’s concert where you can see an even bigger number of photographers torturing their poor cameras as they try to capture that perfect photo. All of this can be categorized under the most profitable photography niche called Event Photography.

Sure, you can save some cash and buy a high-quality HDR, 4K digital camera and call yourself a photographer. But, making money from photography isn’t all that simple.

You see, there are tons of niches that can help you earn some money and Event Photography isn’t the only one. Before we dig deeper into what niche should you opt for, it’s important that you don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately.

Photography is, after all, a complex and expensive hobby that takes time to be mastered.

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The Most Profitable Photography Niche

The Most Profitable

If we put our index finger on our forehead and try to think about why is this the most popular niche, well… we can dig tons of reasons!

The first reason is that people often look great in these events, so capturing a professional photo is always a top priority. I mean, a smoking-hot bride will always want a photo or two (or perhaps a hundred) to decorate her shelf. Not only that, but other guests will also often invite you to take a photo of them and you can even take a snap of that delicious cake before it’s devoured by guests.

Another reason why you might want to consider this niche is that there are tons of events every day. Let’s be honest; if you walk around your neighborhood or live near a fancy restaurant, you’ll see some kind of celebration every night. Every new event or celebration means a new chance for a freelance photographer!

And you don’t want to miss this chance, do you?

Photographers can greatly benefit from social media and people always want to publish their amazing photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. That’s where you come into place, as you can always sell your photos in a digital version. Your clients can simply download the photo, maybe add some fancy Instagram filters and launch it there.

That’s another reason why it’s so popular and profitable.

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How to Start Advertising Yourself?

Start Advertising Yourself

Well, this is a tricky one since there are literally millions of photographers around the world. This depends on the region you live in, but the best way is to TALK.

Yes, you need to be communicative and know how to make people listen to you. On the other hand, carrying your expensive camera and being quiet as if your tongue is tied in a notch won’t help.

To give you an example of how to do it, you can start off with your friends’ events. Simply ask your friend if he or she wants you to be a photographer at his or her event. If the answer is positive, you got yourself your first customer. Just be sure to provide your services at a hefty price in the beginning.

Another smart way to do advertising is to take advantage of social media.

You can make your own Instagram profile and publish the photos that you take and leave the contact number or email so you can always stay in touch. In fact, I think this is the best way to gain new customers from around your city or country.

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What are Photographers’ Rates?

Photographers’ Rates

The price of a photographer depends on his popularity and reputation. While the amateur photographers will charge you around $25 to $75 per hour, a professional one will bump this price to around $200 to $500.

Even being an amateur photographer can lead you to a nice profit, as we can see from these numbers.

But, what about Event Photography?

Well, the good news is that this one is quite expensive, which is the reason it’s the most profitable. If you are an amateur photographer, you can charge more than $500 for a complete event, and that’s a pretty nice amount of cash.

If you manage to make a name for yourself, you can further increase the price and make a living out of this hobby. Isn’t this a dream of every photographer? I’m sure it is!

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What Does the Future Hold?

Future Hold

Some photography niches come and go, but this one is here to stay. It’s not hard to predict the future of Event Photography since everyone likes weddings, parties, concerts, and similar. That being said, the host behind any of these events will need AT LEAST one photographer to do the job.

Thanks to social media platforms, photography now holds its own ground pretty firmly. As you know, people (including you, perhaps) like to publish their well-taken photos on their social media accounts.

Since Instagram is one of the most popular websites of this kind, its growing popularity will grant this type of photography fame and praise it deserves.

With all this in mind, I don’t think you can go wrong with Event Photography in the future. In fact, you could just benefit from it, as long as there are social media websites. I don’t think we’ll see the fall of Instagram or Facebook in the near future, so it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to make some cash this way.

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Other Profitable Photography Niches

For those who aren’t interested in this niche of photography, we’ve come up with a few other profitable niches. The list is below.

Family Photography

Family Photography

The family is where all of us feel safe, happy, and secure. And to be honest, it’s an environment prone to changes and some memorable events. On top of that, every family loves having pictures of their loved ones hanging on the wall. These pictures aren’t going to be so pretty if you use your smartphone. Instead, the photographer will do a nice job here and this is where you can gain some cash.

When writing this article, I was about to put this one as the most profitable niche, which tells you how much you can earn from taking pictures of happy families around your neighborhood.

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

Landscapes are all around us, even on the wall and on our phone and PC wallpapers. Oh, you wonder how I know you’re having a beautiful landscape as your wallpaper?

Come on, we all love them!

Taking a picture of a beautiful sunrise or sunset will never get old. Or perhaps, you want to take a panorama shot of a beautiful snowy mountain near your location? Okay, you get the point. Landscape photos are very nice and can earn you some cash, especially when it comes to digital photography.

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Pet Photography

Pet Photography

You won’t believe how much people are ready to pay for a pet photographer! If you’ve ever had a pet or you have one, you know how much we love those furry or feathery creatures. Furthermore, it’s a pretty exciting thing to do, to be honest. If you love animals, this is probably the best niche for you. Just be careful not to get bit by an angry pit bull or Rottweiler.

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Food Photography

Food Photography

Food Photography is one of the most profitable niches if you manage to find customers with food blogs. However, this one is a bit tricky compared to other niches since you need to take special care of lighting and various angles from which you’ll take the photo. Overall, I would say it’s a great niche and you’ll sometimes get free food if you do a good job.

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Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

If you have an extra pair of balls and want to explore the deepest depths of water, this one is pretty badass! Oh, and it will earn you some cash, too! Everyone can see a nice tree or sky in real life, but only a small number of people can really see what’s located at the bottom of the lake or sea.

This is exactly the most attractive part of this niche and you’ll be amazed to see how beautiful photos you can get. Of course, these photos aren’t cheap at all, making this niche more than profitable.

To digress, Event Photography is probably your best bet if you want to earn money by taking photos. It’s also the easiest to get into since you don’t need any additional equipment and it’s fairly easy to get a job. While it can be quite exhausting, this branch of photography will offer you a nice amount of cash for your effort.

But, since you’re probably doing photography for your personal satisfaction, it’s great to experiment a bit. That’s why we have a couple of more ideas for your next great photo.

Now it’s a great time to take some vivid photos, but hurry up, the sunny days are almost over!

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What Is the Most Profitable Photography Niche?

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