6 WORST Types of Photographers

Finding the right photographer nowadays represents a hard thing to do. Starting from those who just bought their new entry-level cameras and who call themselves photographers, from those perfectionist photographers that start to annoy us very quickly. It’s not to say that all photographers are bad but there are certainly some types that annoy us.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some of those photographers. If you find yourself in some of these, don’t take it as an insult or seriously. We’re here to point out some of those types and have a bit of laugh.

The Top 6 Worst Types of Photographers

1. Wannabe Photographers

Wannabe Photographers

Pick up your phone and visit Instagram or Facebook. You’ll see that there are tons of wannabe photographers who just bought their first camera and want to show the world their jaw-dropping skills. However, these photographers are some of the most annoying out there. They are on the constant look for clients and when they find someone, they just blast through the photo session without paying too much attention to the gear, setup, etc. In fact, they don’t even have the photography gear! One camera, one tripod, and one umbrella light diffuser are all they need for a ‘perfect’ photo.

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They focus mostly on the portrait photography of young girls that pose in the middle of the street or guys that want to gain some attention on social media. Portrait photography is their one and the only thing in their photography life – it’s a holy grail! However, we must admit that they make a solid amount of money because people would pay a top-notch price for a perfect Insta-worthy photo. And do you really think that people care about photography gear? Not exactly. They see a camera and it’s enough for them. Luckily, professional and experienced photographers can smell them from far away!

2. Annoying Chatty Guy

Annoying Chatty Guy

It’s not bad to chat with your photographer. In fact, it’s an amazing way to get to know him more and kill some time while you two prepare to take some photos. But, isn’t it just annoying when someone doesn’t stop talking? At one moment, he’ll ask you something about photography and the next he moves on to the other bizarre or mundane topic, you’ll be asleep, with saliva running from your mouth. He likes to talk literally about anything out there and if you happen to be a smoking-hot woman, I bet he’ll ask you around if you have a boyfriend or something like that.

The worst thing about this type of photographer is that he simply doesn’t stop talking. Even if you remain silent, he’ll throw in some of the obvious stuff. For example, he’ll say how the weather is good, how the sun is blazing, etc. The great way to tackle this photographer is to come up with an escape plan. Tell him that you forgot to feed your cat or that your house is on fire. Just kidding, though. But, you’ll have a hard time making this type of photographer stop talking.

It’s just impossible!

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3. The Teacher

The Teacher

The teacher. He’s the one who knows everything about photography. He’s a God of photography and if you avoid him or disregard his advice, you’ll burn in hell because it’s a deadly sin. He’s the one who follows you around when you take a photo with your camera and he stops by to give you some advice. When he finishes talking, you see that you just wasted two hours, that you’re hungry, that you need to pee, and that your camera is stolen by someone while you were busy listening to this annoying guy. He’s here to give you the advice you didn’t ask for but hey, it’s for your own good. Oh, and you can also buy his book if you want. Luckily for you, it’s at a huge discount of just 5 percent, hooray!

These photographers are usually acquainted with photography very well and they indeed know their business. However, people usually hate unsolicited advice or when someone approaches them and start harassing them all of a sudden. The most annoying part about this type is that he will approach you even when you use your smartphone to take photos… or even selfies! If you don’t want to lose a couple of years of your life, just bail out of there or you’ll go crazy in a just a couple of minutes.

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4. The Photography Addict

The Photography Addict

They say that if you love your job, you won’t have to work a single minute of your life. This guy, however, sees everything through the camera lens, being it an ultra-wide, telephoto or standard-zoom lens. This guy has the eyes for photography and his skills and dedication are simply outstanding. Outstanding to the point of being annoying, boring, and great for avoiding his company. Let’s say you walk with a guy on a beautiful sunset, enjoying a beautiful moment. Well, guess what he thinks about. He thinks about placing his tripod on the nearest possible spot near you or in a park, in order to catch some of these sun rays and going home ASAP to publish the photo on his portfolio.

This guy will take every freaking chance to capture some stunning photos. Whether it’s an urban area or a mountain with a great view, it’s no match for him. If you marry this guy at some point in your life, he will often ask you for help or he’ll beg you to be his subject for a photo session. If one day passes and he didn’t touch his camera, he’ll start to shake like an addict. Photography is life and this guy means business.

5. The Copy-Paste Guy

The Copy-Paste Guy

We all know these photographers. It’s okay to take inspiration from someone or someone’s style of photography. But, if you find yourself copying someone’s work all the time, you’re one of those annoying copy-paste photographers. A photographer that uses his own ideas will almost always scout out the best spots, locations, and use the lighting to his advantage. The equipment will always be precisely put into place and the photography gear will be used properly. This type of photographer will give his best to innovate and come up with some fresh ideas. And then we have the copy-paste guy who pisses all over someone’s work and just copies everything.

copy photographer

I mean, seriously? If all you do is copying other photographers, you aren’t much of a photographer and if you work with someone who knows a tiny bit about photography, you’ll be easily spotted. These photographers aren’t shy or afraid to get in your way while you take a photo. He’ll stand next to you, put his camera gear at the exact same place, and take a photo just to cannibalize your work.

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6. The Gear Nerd

The Gear Nerd

The gear nerd isn’t as annoying as the other types we’ve mentioned. This guy doesn’t do anything wrong except carrying around ALL the photography gear he owns strapped to his shoulders. There are two juggernaut-like DSLRs, a couple of tripods, light diffuser, a few lenses, and maybe something else. This guy is equipped more than the S.W.A.T forces and he is ready to snap a photo at any given moment. He even sleeps with his camera strapped around the neck and his wife is probably in some other room, hugging her pillow instead of him. If you take a look at his gear and lenses, it’s probably cleaner than your drinking water.

Don’t you dare touch his gear – he’s gonna bite your fingers off!

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Hope you liked our list. As I said, this is not a serious list and it is meant to bring out some laughs.

So what type of photographer are you?

Also, if you want, you can go through these 11 questions to find out if your photography business is going to have a bright future. 

6 WORST Types of Photographers

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