Where to Look When Taking a Selfie?

Let’s just all agree that modern human beings feel the urge to take a selfie once in a while. You might be looking stunning that day and you want everyone to see that! Or you might be in front of a world-famous attraction and you would certainly want to remember the whole experience. But with your face in front of it, of course.

Taking a selfie has turned into a whole new art form nowadays. But the great news is that it’s a skill that you can totally master, even if you think that you are ‘not photogenic’. There are so many different tricks that you can learn that will help you take the ultimate selfie. But, in general, we always want to pay the most attention to our eyes. After all, they are the mirror of our soul, right?


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At one point or another, you will be left with the questions:

  • «Where to look when taking a selfie?»
  • Is it ok, if you look at yourself?
  • Or should you try and stare directly into the camera?
  • And what if you decide to look to the side?
  • Would that be ok?

The truth is that you may look wherever you want. If you feel like the picture looks great with you rolling your eyes up, why not attempt such a selfie? Moreover, it’s important to understand the message behind the photo (yes, even selfies can be meaningful). If you want the picture to be more mysterious and cute – look to the side. If you want it to be funny – roll your eyes.

However, in the majority of cases, people prefer to see a selfie where you are looking right into the camera lens. After all, it just feels like you are looking directly at the viewer and that’s always nice.

With that said, let’s check out all the possible options. As each of those certainly does have its own ‘pros’ and ‘cons’.

How to Find Your Best Side?

First things first. If you have no idea what your best side is, then your eyes, unfortunately, don’t really matter, as the selfie will still look awkward. So, we would definitely suggest finding your great side and the best phone angle for you at first.

  • Hold Your Phone the Right Way

Hold Your Phone the Right Way

Lift your phone a bit higher than usual, so that the lowest part of your smartphone is at the same level as your eyes. In such a way, your body will look slimmer and your eyes are going to appear bigger. And that’s quite what we’re going for, right?

  • How About Holding the Phone with Both of Your Hands?

Holding the Phone with Both of Your Hands

You didn’t expect this one coming, huh? We are used to taking a selfie with the help of only one hand. But have you ever tried holding the camera with both of your hands? Firstly, the pictures will certainly turn out to be sharper as the phone is more stable. Secondly, you wouldn’t even need to think about where to place your second hand, because it is going to have a job already. Genius!

  • It’s All About the Light

It’s All About the Light

Light is incredibly important, as it can easily do both, make your face pretty or accentuate all the things that you don’t like. Though natural light is always more preferable than artificial, it can be tricky as well. During midday, for example, the rays are so harsh that they can easily distort your face. In such a case, try covering the sun with your head. It is a secret that not a lot of people know, but such a cool effect will create a beautiful halo around your head. Moreover, your face and eyes won’t be in the shadow, so that’s great as well.

Artificial light can be a bit more difficult to work with. Bear in mind that you don’t want the bulb to be right above you. Otherwise, you will end up with giant bags under your eyes and a big nose. However, you might be going for an interesting effect. So, if you decide to leave the bulb right above your head, try raising your face a bit to look directly at the light source – you might get a unique picture.

  • Consider Showing off the Left Side of Your Face

Left Side of Your Face

This might sound extremely strange, but people tend to like the left side of the face of other people a bit more than the right side. And this fact has been proven by scientists!

Even the people that don’t know you will most certainly find the left side of your face more appealing. Of course, there can be exceptions. But if you have no idea what your ‘good side’ is, then why not go with the flow and turn the left side of your face towards the camera?

Where to Look When Taking a Selfie?

Now we are ready to talk about the eyes. Unfortunately, there is no universal piece of advice when it comes to answering this question. But there are amazing tricks and secrets that you can try and follow the next time you attempt to take a selfie.

1. Stop Looking at Yourself!

Stop Looking at Yourself..

Ok, you might not have realized this, but the absolute majority of people look at themselves whenever they’re taking a selfie! After all, you do look at the screen to make sure that your pose is great, right? But that’s not the best option if you want the self to be amazing.

Firstly, you’re missing on the opportunity to establish eye contact with the viewer. Secondly, well, for some it may just seem rude and strange. Taking a selfie is already something a bit too egocentric and if you’re simultaneously showing everyone that you are also looking at yourself during the actual process… That’s not appealing to the viewer.

2. Look Right into the Camera Lens

Look Right into the Camera Lens

But where should you be looking then? Well, if you look right into the camera, it will seem like you are gazing right into the eyes of the viewer – and that’s wonderful. However, you still have to make sure that you look great in the picture. What you can do is choose the right angle and pose while looking at yourself on the screen and once you’ve found your perfect side – raise your eyes towards the camera lens and snap-snap-snap!

Bear in mind that if the camera is at the same level with your face, your facial features might get distorted. However, if you place the phone a little higher and pull your head a bit forward, your face will look slimmer, your neck will be longer and, of course, your beautiful eyes will appear bigger. And that will make a wonderful picture, in case you manage to look right into the camera lens at the same time.

3. When Is It Appropriate to Look to the Side?

Look to the Side

You might not be feeling like looking straight into the camera. And that’s totally fine. You can always look to the side to create a cuter and a more mysterious look. But do remember that moderation is key. If you look right to your side, the viewer won’t see your pupils in the photo and you will end up with white eyes.
Hold the phone camera with your hand and try to look at the beginning of your palm. In such a way, you will be able to get the perfect ‘looking to the side’ photo.

4. How About Closing Your Eyes?

Closing Your Eyes

Yep, some photos might look great, if you close your eyes. But it all depends on the concept, of course. Taking a picture with your eyes closed is pretty much straightforward.

But is there anything you can do, if the sun is too bright, for example, and you still want to take that selfie with your eyes wide open? Well, there is only one piece of advice. Choose the angle, close your eyes and open them right before you hit that button.

5. How to Get Rid of the Red Eyes?

Red Eyes

Sometimes you just can’t take a selfie without using a flash simply because it’s too dark. And the number one problem you get in such pictures is your red eyes.

Avoid looking directly into the camera lens, if you happen to have such a problem. However, the majority of smartphones have an anti-red-eye function, so don’t forget to use that one. Moreover, you can always get rid of this effect with the help of different editing programs.

6. How to Make Your Eyes Sparkle in the Photos?

Eyes Sparkle

The easiest way to make your eyes shine in selfies is to get a selfie ring light (it really does make a difference). By the way, it’s not that expensive.
But in case you want to go for a more natural shine, try looking directly at the light source (a lamp, a screen and so on). In such a way, your eyes will have that cool blink.

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Where to look when taking a selfie?

Now you know. As well as dozens of other little tricks that we hope will help you take the perfect selfie next time you get your phone out of your pocket.

You’re welcome!

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Where to Look When Taking a Selfie?

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