Best Photography Names: How To Name Your Photography Business

The name everyone is going to remember you by. Choosing the best photography company names – for your business is important. It will become your identity later on.

But where is the fun in that?

What if someone has the same name and surname as you? It will bring complications to your business life.

People might confuse you and that person because of it. Or your page won’t even be seen because their page has more views. For a beginner this is the most important step, choosing the best photography business name.

So how will you do it?

For a photography business, coming up with a name is even more demanding. It may determine the number of clients that are going to walk through your door or contact you online.

Naming a photography business is also important because it helps you to distinguish your business from others and also describes what aspects of photography you are into.

Many professionals often create original names for their business or an online website, while some use their personal names.

This isn’t an easy task, it has to be done with care and precision.

This is the name that your business will likely bear throughout is commercial life. Thus, it is not a subject to be taken lightly.

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In this article, we compiled tips to help you come up with awesome ideas that are going to help you develop a cool, exotic yet intelligent name.

There are also factors you must bear in mind (such as if the name is already in existence) – no worries we have included the solutions in the article. We also compiled a list of name generators as well as personal reviews of them.

21 Tips on How to Name your Photography Business – A Helpful Guide

1 – You Should Try to Make it Sound Timeless

What I mean by this is that you should not rush while deciding a name for your photography business.

You might be picking something that is popular now and ruins your future career. The name should not only be used now but for generations to come, so take your time.

If you use some trendy words, think about if they will be used in the future. Trendy words come and go very easily.

2 – It Should Be as Short as Possible and Easy to Remember

Have you ever got an “earworm”?

Earworm is a phrase that is used in music to describe tones and melodies that stick in your ear after hearing a song. These melodies make the song easy to remember and hum.

The same can be applied to the name of your photography business. Something that can easily be said and remembered. It needs to stick in the heads of your customers like an earworm.

3 – As Your Business Grows You Will Find Yourself in More Than One Style of Photography

Even if you start off as a portrait photographer, it does not mean that you can’t change that and be a pet photographer. So, make sure that the name that you chose can be applied to any kind and style of photography.

You can do this step only if you strictly want to focus on wedding photography or pet photography. Then you don’t need a universal name.

4 – Name Infringement?

Make sure that the name is not already in use. By simply typing the name that you had in mind in Google, it will tell you how used it is.

Usually, a simple search on Google is enough, but it may happen that the name has already been registered but not yet in operation.

So, you may have to search at the business name register site to see the status of your proposed business name.

Do not assume your name is too unique and original. Always check to see if the name is already taken.

You certainly do not want a business name or trademark infringement lawsuit landing on your desk as a congratulatory message on picking a photography business name.

It also will be terrible and unfair if you spend a whole lot of time trying to come up with a photography business name that is already taken. “Prevention is better than cure” is quite well said.

Find out if your proposed name is free from encumbrances.

You might want to avoid the names that are used a lot.

Rather stick to the ones that are not used as much. This will give your name and site a chance to pop up in the search bar. Rather than having to compete with a million other sites that have almost the same name.

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5 – Comprehensibility

Is the client able to understand and grasp from the name what it is exactly that you do?

Names like “Mary’s Service”, “Knight Arthur” are totally inconclusive and confusing while a name such as “Cookie’s Studio” or “Fred’s Shot” is more direct to the point.

6 – Attract Attention

The goal of the business name is to fascinate, attract and raise interest. Pick names that draw attention and the best options are weird or unusual names like Yahoo!

Attract attention

7 – Is it Significant?

The meaning or significance of the name is quite important.

This may not apply if you are just looking out for an exotic name. But as much as possible, make sure the name applied impacts a larger population and not just slang among your friends or within the family.

8 – Avoid Numbers, Hyphens, and Weird Characters

It is very important that you avoid the use of figures and symbols that are generally not used in everyday language.

For example, names such as “Tyrion56” or “Cantor_lens_studios & album” are not names or combinations used in everyday language. Your business name whether funny or catchy is an official name.


The use of all these characters is likely to hamper smooth sailing and create confusion. Use combinations that are easy, familiar and not complex.

Avoidance of these weird symbols or characters within your photography business name would also help in choosing a suitable domain name.

9 – Describing What You Do in Your Photography Business Name

This can be a little difficult.

This is because most people do not know how they can combine their names or choose words with a description of what they do. Sometimes, such combinations may even turn out weirdly.

This is not negative, it is rather an advantage.

The more descriptive you are in your business name, the more you are likely to communicate your business to prospective clients.

You can use names like “Kim’s Wildlife Shots”, “Tesla’s Photo Studio”, “Sean’s Baby Photography” etc. Avoid photography techniques, slang only you and other photographers will understand, photography jargon and so on.

Be simple, straightforward and communicate to the general public.

10 – Your Brand Name Must Be Short and Concise

This should be a pretty straightforward tip. The shorter it is, the better it is likely to be.

To say “Gonzales Professional Photography Studio Services” is quite stressful and too long. A preferable option will be “Gonzalez Photos”. Much more precise and concise.

It also allows for consistency online and on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, your webpage, etc.

11 – Dream Big

It is basically a crime to think of your business as a struggling or fledgling business when it comes to giving it a name.

You need to not just think outside the box but break the box!

Think of it as that multinational photography business whose name will be on everyone’s’ lips.

So, what do you want the name of that business to be?

dream big

12 – The First Thought? No Way!

Often times, the first idea that pops into our mind is not different from what others had in their minds.

The clichés are something that just whirls in our mind and we just want to create something fancy around it. Words like a flash, lens, focus, art, and photo are words that generally first pop up in the mind of a photographer.

They can be so generic and overexploited and that will show no true creativity on your part. This is why you need to put down the first idea and wait for or get more creative ideas.

But don’t get me wrong, maybe your first idea is one of the best photography company names out there.


13 – Coining a Word

A great option when searching is coining or inventing a word.

Many people often mix their names, such as a letter of it with another name or word from the photography business. Some of these examples are “KingShot”, “Ty(ler)-art”, “Zeus-flash” etc.

Another trend in modern times is to find words that mean nothing exactly but are just exotic and fascinating such as “Sushi Fù”, “DDK”, “X” etc. Beautiful words or letters that may contain no tangible meaning.

However, you should double check to make sure if you are picking a foreign name, that the translation does not mean something terrible or crazy.

You don’t want to be surprised and have someone discovering that your business name means something like “corruption” or “fecal matter” and write an article about you.

14 – Personal Names

Another widely used option is the use of personal names.

Most often, the founding photographer’s name is used as the brand’s name especially if it is quite an easy name to pronounce. Either of the names can be used for this purpose.

This also has another merit because it helps to easily pick out the website URL.

Also, as said earlier, you can combine it with other words to suit your taste. If you have another person as a co-founder in the emerging business, that is a partnership, both names of the partners can be combined.

One name from each person can do the trick. You can make use of initials or combine them.

Personal names are usually a primary and fantastic idea for a photography business name, especially if you are a popular person or name in the neighborhood.

15 – Creative Naming Makes a Difference

If you are not using your personal name as the business name, you will have to be pretty creative.

Whatever you come up with should be simple, not too long and it needs to draw attention. Something exotic and exciting to the eyes or ears.

You can ask friends or family members what they think about it. For instance, if you are into office photography (offices, business executives, photo documentary of companies and working environment), the best plausible person to ask if your business name is catchy would be a business executive or an older person with much experience.

While if you are into shooting models, you should not likely ask or take the opinion from grandma. Make it original, simple, short but creative.


But what if you already have a business going on and all that you are missing is a good name?

A name that is going to help you kick-start your site or profile. That perfect name everyone wants. Of course, you can apply the same rules above to this situation.

16 – Photography Business Website

The Importance of Keywords

Here is one of the major factors you need to keep an eye on.

For clients to troop in via your website, you need good positioning on Google. To generate enough traffic, you must aim to have keywords within your domain name.

If you choose a business name which on its own and in the URL contains keywords, you will have a competitive advantage over others.

This means the keywords are not only in the title of your website but also in the URL of the website. If possible, the exact words used for the website should be used in its URL. It makes it so much better.

Let’s take a look at an example:

A wedding photographer in London named “Stella Pierre”.

An ideal name for the title of the website would be “Stella’s Creative Wedding Photography in London”.

This tells us both who the person is and what she does. Thus, when an intending bride searches on net for “creative wedding photographer (in London)”, she can easily locate you in the search because you have created a good SEO.

Use A Suitable Extension for Your Domain

This is an important factor to consider because it is fundamental to your business.

For more clients to locate you, you may have to consider what exactly should be the suitable extension for your domain name.

An extension that contains the use of that country’s designated extension (such as gains more preferences from searches within that country.

Unless you plan on going international, it is advisable to use your country’s designated extension for SEO optimization.


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17 – Look at the Position of Your Photography Business

You want the name to match your already existing business.

So, you need to look at the style of your pictures:

  • What are you known for?
  • Is it portrait photography?
  • Maybe prom and wedding photography?

Try to match those categories and look at the specialties that you are good in.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your business located only in a specific area?
  • Where are your clients based? (maybe you are willing to travel even to another city for a photoshoot)
  • Are there any photographers in your area that do the same thing?

These kinds of photographers can be a competition for your business.

Stay away from anything too similar to them. You want to stay as unique as possible. This way you will stand out from the crowd.

  • Is there a future for your business or are you living it here and now?

If this is only a hobby and temporary, then your name does not need to be timeless. But if you really see a career in this business then you need to have that in mind as well.

18 – Customers of the Photography Business

If you are, let’s say, doing newborn photoshoots then your name should be appealing to young parents. Something that makes it sound like you are really dedicated to your job.

Why is this necessary?

Well, when people choose a photographer they are connecting in an emotional way to the name of the business.

After all, is said and done, they want to be able to say your business name with emotion. You actually want this.

On the other hand, if you want to specialize in only one style of photography you need to understand the customer. This is achieved by either learning about what these people are interested in and then keeping it at that.

Let’s say you are a sports photographer. In this case, while taking pictures of sportsmen it would be beneficial if you talk about the sport while taking the pictures.

Just like you would talk to a model for a prom photoshoot about the prom itself, the same rule applies here.

19 – Brainstorm on!

If you are not familiar with the word “brainstorm”, let me explain it to you first.

The brainstorm concept goes something like this. You put every word that comes to your mind on paper.

How to apply that to a photography business name?


Now that you know where your business is at, whatever comes to your mind first write it down. Thinking of your photography business and its place and clients, you should get a fair amount of words that are connected to your business that you provide.

All of those words written down will help you name your business in the end.

Place keywords on one side of the paper and different identities, aka words that are connected to your business, on the other side of the paper. Now start connecting keywords with other words and write possible names down.

The most important thing while doing this is quantity.


The more words you have, the bigger the chance is of finding that one perfect name for your business.

Things that you can also use while doing this are foreign words. Also useful is to look up synonyms for some words. This will give you more possibilities than you would have had with only that one word.

Try combining two or more names together.

Maybe you will come up with a longer but nicer sounding name. This is a process of trial and error.

You just keep on adding and deleting things until you find that one perfect name. So, give yourself time with it. Nothing comes overnight.

If everything fails, make up your own words.

Why not do that?

The most unique thing to do is to put down a word that you created. But just make sure there is no real hidden meaning behind it.

You can always look back at the past and see what cool photography company names have already been used, but now are out of use. History and mythology have great names that can help with clever photography studio names. Give them a try!

Why not use them if they are just waiting to be discovered?

20 – Name Generators

Below is a compiled list of sites that generate business names that can help you find a suitable name or spark an idea in you. They are quite useful and can come in handy:


  • A free online business generator that helps in getting business names
  • It is not restricted to photography
  • Generates website names
  • It may be too broad in its suggestions

  • This site focuses more on giving ideas about business names
  • It generates less serious but very catchy names for your business
  • Regularly suggests the use of the initials of your first, middle and last names tagged as “Your Cliché Business Name “.
  • It can be a little too mechanical or predictable in its suggestions

  • This site is restricted to photography business names suggestions
  • It majorly suggests domain names for your website
  • Provides a platform for a domain name contest
  • It may supply cliché names

  • This site also suggests ideas on photography business names
  • The tools are very useful in brainstorming intelligent company names based on keywords inserted
  • It also supplies website names suggestions
  • It contains tips on how to create a successful name for your photography business and helps to even translate your business name ideas to other languages to make it look classy
  • You have a lot of names to sift through as the supply is generous which may sometimes be cumbersome.

21 – Make an Evaluation List

After putting all of the possible names on paper try making a list.

Put all of the names on a separate list and start going over them. If a name sounds better than another name, then delete that name that sounds worse.

This way you will eliminate all of the names that are not suited for your business. Names that weren’t deleted, should be all of the names that might work for your photography business.

This is one of the easiest ways to actually find the perfect name.


After you are done and are left with a few names that actually might work, you can go over to the next step.

Type all of these names, one by one, in a search engine. Try to see if there are any results on it.

  • And how many are there?
  • What are they connected to?

This way you will eliminate all of the names that are already used or are connected to something that you don’t want.

Even if there are matches for the name, you need to see where they are located. If it is out of your area or country, then you can still use it. Since it is nowhere near your area that you are working in, it is fine to use.

Lastly, you can ask people that you trust for their opinion on the name.

Ask them questions like these:

  • Is the name easy to say?
  • Can you remember it easily?
  • Does it sound nice while it’s spoken?

This feedback is crucial for choosing your photography business name.Related: Starting A Photography Business Checklist

List of Creative Photography Names and Ideas For 9 Popular Types of Photography

First, we are going to go over these types of photography. We need to understand what they are by their definition in order to think of a name and to better understand who your customers are and what name will attract them.

What are these types of photography?

  • Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Newborn Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Real Estate photography
  • Social Media Photography

All of these types of photography are still profitable and are still growing. Before they were considered niches but now the competition is really tough.

Now there are just too many types of photography, but these 9 are pillars of the photography world.

Let’s start with the first one: “wedding photography”.

Wedding Photography Name Ideas (Examples)

This is one of the most profitable types of photography, which is why it is important to have any kind of advantage. Choosing the right wedding photography company name is what is going to give you an edge over the others.

When picking a wedding photography name to choose a word related to weddings.


Here are some of the related wedding word examples:
  • a/the big day
  • bachelor party
  • best man
  • betrothal
  • bridal party
  • bridal shower noun
  • bride
  • bridegroom
  • bridesmaid noun
  • bride-to-be
  • union
  • commitment
  • confetti
  • engaged
  • engagement
  • ring
  • fiancé
  • fiancée
  • flower girl
  • future
  • Gretna Green (historic place)
  • groom
  • a bridegroom
  • wedding bells
  • honeymoon
  • marriage
  • marriage vows
  • marry
  • marry off
  • newlyweds
  • nuptial
  • plight/pledge
  • pop the question
  • pronounce someone man/husband and wife
  • proposal
  • propose
  • shotgun wedding
  • shower
  • someone’s hand in marriage
  • someone’s intended
  • stag night
  • trousseau
  • union
  • vows
  • wedding bells
  • dress
  • wedding march
  • white wedding
  • witness

These words will imply that the company is doing wedding photography, but remember we want to leave a window for one other type of photography.

Also, if everyone is doing it why would you want to be like the others. How are the clients going to distinguish you from the others?

If your first name or last name is clever, creative, elegant and cool, you can use your name and just add wedding photography next to it. Some of the most famous wedding photography companies are named like that.

If not, then you will have to think of something that is creative and clever but also connects you to wedding photography.Related: Photography Business: How To Get More Wedding Photography Bookings

Here are some of the examples that can maybe help you in creating that perfect name for your wedding photography business.

40 name examples for a wedding photography business:
  • Mates Wedding studio
  • Loving Couple Wedding studio
  • Happiness 4ever Wedding studio
  • Upward Life Wedding studio
  • Savers Wedding studio
  • Vita Wedding studio
  • North Wedding studio
  • New Day Wedding studio
  • Elegancy Wedding studio
  • Performance Wedding studio
  • Wedding Studio Photography by Zero
  • Echelon Wedding studio
  • High-performance Wedding studio
  • Guild Wedding studio
  • Red-hot Wedding studio
  • Rumble Wedding studio
  • CarpeDiem Wedding studio
  • Sapient Wedding studio
  • White Wedding studio
  • League Wedding studio
  • Masters Wedding studio
  • BlueSky Wedding studio
  • Convergent Wedding studio
  • Elite Wedding studio photography
  • Kiss the Bride Wedding Photography
  • “I Do” Photography
  • In the Moment Photography
  • Special Moments Studio
  • All in the Family Photography
  • Lovestruck Photography
  • Awesome Offspring Photography
  • Bright Diamond Studios
  • Fun Family Portraits
  • “With Love” Photography
  • In a Pinch Pictures
  • Celebration Photography Studio
  • Don’t Blink Photography
  • Events Studios
  • Dream Photography
  • Picture Perfect

These are just some of the examples for a wedding photography company. A new trend is also to just have your name and last name with the word studio or photography at the end. Because people are building brands out of their names.

Think about that also, but if you have or you are planning to create a wedding photography company with others working for you, then having a personal photography business name is not recommended. The above examples are better for you than a personal name.

Think about something exotic and an elegant name for your wedding photography company, and you will have an advantage over the competition.

Also, here are some of the names of successful wedding photography studios:

Ollistudio (Fine Art Wedding Photography & Cinematography Studio) – just by the name I had no idea what kind of photography they offer. But after the second look at their logo, they had “Fine Art Wedding Photography” written in small letters. This example shows that sometimes you can use a simple name, but you will have to use your logo better in order to show clients your type of photography specialization.

True Love Wedding – this name is much better, right off the bat they showed me what kind of photography they specialize in. While still showing affection and elegance for the couple that is going to get married.

Bright Art Studio (Wedding and Lifestyle photography) – This name is elegant and attractive, it also gives room for more photography types in the future.

Next up is fashion photography.

Fashion Photography Name Ideas

In order to have a good start as a fashion photographer, your company will have to have a good creative and elegant name.

What would be a great name for a fashion photography studio?

Well, it has to elegant and clever and still reminds agencies and companies that you are a fashion studio.


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Now again let’s start with the words that are related to the fashion:

  • Accessory
  • Advance Affect
  • Allure
  • Antique
  • Attract
  • Avid
  • Batik
  • Becoming
  • Bold
  • Bows
  • Brocade
  • Cachet
  • Catwalk
  • Cheap
  • Classic
  • Collection
  • Color
  • Comfortable
  • Cosmetics
  • Craftsmanship
  • Daring
  • Decorative
  • Designer
  • Devotee
  • Dimension
  • Dominate
  • Dresses
  • Dressy
  • Effective
  • Embellish
  • Emphasis
  • Eponymous
  • Exclusive
  • Extreme
  • Fashion
  • Favored
  • Fiber
  • Flawless
  • Form
  • Fragrance
  • Futuristic
  • Garter
  • Glossy
  • Gown
  • Guru
  • Hat pin
  • High heels
  • High-style
  • Horizontal
  • Hue
  • Illustration
  • Immediate
  • Imprint
  • Inspiration
  • Jeans
  • Jewelry
  • Knit
  • Lace
  • Limited
  • Long-lasting
  • Luxurious
  • Macramé
  • Make up
  • Matronly
  • Midriff
  • Mode
  • Modern
  • Motif
  • Noteworthy
  • Omnipresent
  • Original
  • Ostentatious
  • Outlet
  • Padding
  • Paparazzi
  • Passé
  • Pattern
  • Petticoat
  • Popular
  • Possibilities
  • Practical
  • Prediction
  • Print
  • Prominent
  • Provenance
  • Radical
  • Restoration
  • Sari
  • Savvy
  • Shade
  • Shift
  • Showroom
  • Signature
  • Skillful
  • Sleeveless
  • Soft
  • Special
  • Stock
  • Stylish
  • Subtle
  • Tailored
  • Technique
  • Texture
  • Tie-dye
  • Touch
  • Traditional
  • Trend
  • Triumph
  • Ubiquitous
  • Unlimited
  • Upscale
  • Valuable
  • Variety
  • Version
  • Visual
  • Wale
  • Wardrobe
  • Well-made
  • Worthy
  • Yoke
  • Youthful
  • Zipper
  • Accolade
  • Affectation
  • Alteration
  • Apparel
  • Attractive
  • Award
  • Beautiful
  • Bias-cut
  • Boutique,
  • Braiding
  • Buttons
  • Camisole
  • Celebrities
  • Choices
  • Clothing
  • Collector
  • Combination
  • Construction
  • Cowl neck
  • Creative
  • Decollate
  • Design
  • Desirable
  • Different
  • Distinctive
  • Dramatic
  • Dressing
  • Edge
  • Elegance
  • Embroidery
  • Enhance
  • Etiquette
  • Extraordinary
  • Fabric
  • Fashionable
  • Feature
  • Flamboyant
  • Focus
  • Formal
  • Fringe
  • Garment
  • Genius
  • Goods
  • Guide
  • Halter
  • Haute-couture
  • High-quality
  • Hippie
  • Hose
  • Identity
  • Imaginative
  • Impeccable
  • Independent
  • Jacket
  • Jersey
  • Jumper
  • Label
  • Lenses
  • Lingerie
  • Look
  • Luxury
  • Mainstream
  • Mannequin
  • Maven
  • Minimalist
  • Model
  • Modification
  • Necessity
  • Old-fashioned
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Ornamentation
  • Outfit
  • Oversize
  • Palette
  • Parasol
  • Pastel
  • Peignoir
  • Phenomenon
  • Pose
  • Posture
  • Precise
  • Preference
  • Production
  • Proportion
  • Quality
  • Recognition
  • Runway
  • Sarong
  • Screened
  • Shape
  • Showcase
  • Showy
  • Simple
  • Skirt
  • Smile,
  • Sophisticated
  • Sportswear
  • Style
  • Stylist
  • Tailor
  • Talent
  • Textile
  • Tiara
  • Tones
  • Trade
  • Transformation
  • Trim
  • Tuft
  • Unique
  • Unsuitable
  • Urban
  • Value
  • Veil
  • Vintage
  • Vogue
  • Walk
  • Wearable
  • Western
  • Woven
  • Young
  • Zeal

You can combine these words in order to get your best name for your fashion photography business. Try combining these words with your first or last name or just create something like this: “Ubiquitous Fashion Photography by First Name or/and Last name”.

The word may be hard to pronounce but it will attract attention because it is clever and weird. Ubiquitous means “omnipresent or ever present”. It means ever-present fashion photography studio if you are going to go into the meaning of your photography name.

This is perfect for fashion, and it will get you some exposure. Or you can just use your name and last name if it fits and people can pronounce it accordingly.

European names are better than US names for fashion because most of the famous brands for fashion are located in Europe.

Here are some names of successful fashion photography studios:

FerraterStudio – this name is based on the last name of a photographer called “José Manuel Ferrater”, trust me you have seen at least one of his photos in your lifetime. Like we said you can use your name for a photography studio name. This one is a European name and that makes it exciting and attractive in the fashion business.

ThephotoStudio – well I had to include this one because this name screams simplicity. It is not that transparent because you really can’t see from the start what is their preferred type of photography. Nevertheless, the name is good because they have built a world-famous brand out it.

Mac Fashion photography – also a world famous brand. This name is pretty much perfect for this kind of business. Simple and elegant for the fashion industry.

Choose whatever suits you best, take your time and we are sure you will find your best name for your business.

Sports Photography Name Ideas

Photography equipment plays a major role when taking these kinds of pictures. You are going to invest a lot of money to buy a decent camera that can capture moving objects in detail. This means you can use name parts or the mechanics of the camera as a name also.

Here you need a cool and elegant name for this kind of business. You can add numbers or dates within this kind of photography name. Famous numbers like: 10, 1, 0, 23, 24, 8 or years.

It all depends on the city you are located in and their historic sports dates.

There are so many words that we can relate to any kind of sports, you just need to be a little creative.

We are going to give you just a few related words, there is no need to go in-depth because there are just too many types of sports.


Related words for sports:

  • game
  • spectator
  • extreme
  • amateur
  • arena
  • athletic
  • backboard
  • backhand
  • batter
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • bench
  • catcher
  • champion
  • championship
  • coach
  • competitive
  • defense
  • doubles
  • dribble
  • dugout
  • fan
  • field goal
  • finish line
  • football
  • forehand
  • free throw
  • goal
  • goal line
  • goalkeeper
  • goalpost
  • grand slam
  • half time

These are just some words that are related to sports, but there are many more. It just depends on the type of sport. If you are taking pictures of basketball players, you won’t use soccer(football) related terms.

Here are some of the examples for a good sports photography business name:
  • Impulse Sports Photography by First Name or/and Last name
  • Limitless Sports Photography studio
  • Face Off Studio
  • In the Moment Photography
  • Picture It Sports Photography studio
  • Freeze Photography
  • In the Zone studio
  • Zoned In studio
  • Sports Shots/Snaps by First Name or/and Last name
  • Stop Action Sports Photography
  • All Sport Photography
  • Sports Photography Unlimited by First Name or/and Last name
  • All Star Sports Photography Studio

These are just examples to give you a better understanding of what name you need to search for.

Do some research about your local city and see what historic sports events they have had, maybe that will give you some ideas.

Also, here are some names of successful sports photography studios:

Shot in Focus – if you followed our tips and material, in the end, you would come up with a similar name. This name is just perfect for sports photography because they have emphasized that photos must always be in focus. This is one of the important aspects of sports photography.

Studio City Sports – there is nothing much to say here except that this name fits well with sports photography.

Full Contact Photography – this name is actually clever and at the same time it shows the client exactly what it needs. Try to think of creative names like this one.

Product Photography Names

This is one of those types of photography where simplicity and detail matter the most.

Don’t pick cute and cool names, you are mostly taking photos of inanimate objects. This means you will have to pick a simple and serious photography name for your business.

Also, you are taking contracts with companies, so they need to know from the name that you are doing product photography.


Use these related words as a guide:

  • amount
  • brand
  • crop
  • device
  • merchandise
  • output
  • produce
  • production
  • stock
  • artifact
  • blend
  • by-product
  • compound
  • creation
  • decoction
  • fabrication
  • gain
  • handiwork
  • invention
  • legacy
  • line
  • manufacture
  • offshoot
  • outcome
  • outgrowth
  • preparation
  • result
  • synthetic
  • upshot

The best name you can choose is something really simple and transparent. Maybe even just “Product Photography studio by First Name or/and Last Name (or without First Name or/and Last Name).

But you need to check for other local photography studios to see if the name is taken.

Use these words or go safe.

Regardless we are going to give you some examples of how to name a product photography studio:
  • Crop Photography studio
  • Collector Photography studio
  • Fair Products Photography studio
  • Tab Photography studio
  • Golden Rule Photography studio
  • Summit Photography studio
  • Inbound Photography studio
  • Aspect Photography studio
  • Sharing Product photography studio
  • Citywide Photography studio
  • Your Product Photography studio
  • Ping Your Product photography studio

These are just some of the examples, combine them with a word and maybe your name. With this we are sure you are going to get a great name for your product photography studio.

Here you can also see names of successful product photography studios in the world:

Product Photo

The Product Photography Studio

There is really no point in explaining these names, but as you can see having the word “product” is extremely important in order to succeed in this type of photography.

Portrait Photography Names

Portrait photography is fun but choosing the name for it comes with difficulties. It covers a very large spectrum of living things you can take pictures off.  This is why it is recommended to have the word “portrait” in your portrait photography name.

Also, as always you can include your own name or a city name when naming your portrait photography studio.

Try experimenting with numbers or other exotic symbols.


Let’s try to see some related words:

  • portraiture
  • portrayal
  • photograph
  • picture
  • depiction
  • photo
  • portrays
  • gallery
  • vignette
  • sketch
  • image
  • snapshot
  • paint
  • memorial
  • story
  • overview
  • looks
  • profiles
  • face
  • horizontal
  • pattern
  • upright
  • vertically
  • feature
  • profile
  • image
  • profiling
  • portraitist

Now as we said before taking these words, add some numbers, your name, and your local city name. Mix it around on a piece of paper and try to see what makes sense.

Also, you might be going for a specific type of portrait photography. These are the most used today:
  • Traditional Portrait
  • Environmental Portrait
  • Candid Portrait
  • Glamor Portrait
  • Lifestyle Portrait
  • Surreal Portrait
  • Conceptual Portrait
  • Abstract Portrait

Move these words around and you are going to probably find something that suits you well. For this type of photography, you can use any kind of name, it doesn’t have to be serious or elegant. It depends on what type of clients you are aiming to have.

Here are some of the examples of how people named their portrait photography studio:
  • Portrait Innovations
  • Heart and Soul Portraits
  • Fetching Pet Portraits
  • Portraits by Anna
  • Little Nest Portraits
  • Bark and Smile Pet Portraits
  • Ever After Portraits Family Photography
  • Sweet Peas Studio
  • Wendy Miller Photo
  • JE Portraits Photography & Design
  • Lifetouch
  • Fun Family Portraits
  • PhoDOGraphy
  • Portraits in The Sand
  • My Wild Child Photography
  • Bonnets and Bowties Photography
  • Katydid Photography
  • A Place in Time Senior Portraits
  • Hartshorn Portraiture
  • Life Images, Inc.
  • Sweet Lime Portrait Design
  • Baby Face Photography
  • Portraits by The Bay
  • Glamour Shots
  • Growing Family Portraits
  • Willow Street Pictures
  • Heirloom Studio
  • Image Is Everything Studios
  • Persnickety Pet Portraits
Some example names of successful portrait photography studios in the world:

Headshot London – this name cleverly describes what type of photography this actually is. Names like this are creative and they attract customers. You know what they do without the use of the word portrait or photography.

See what they do and how they approached their portrait photography name. Hope you have a better understanding of the naming process by now.

Newborn Photography Name Ideas

We are looking for a cute and sweet name or something family related to parents. You also need to be transparent because this type of photography is all about safety and customers would really like someone who specializes in this type of photography.


40 examples of how to properly name your newborn photography studio:

  • Pic o’ Boo Photography
  • Baby Flash Photography
  • Adora-baby Photography
  • New Life Photography
  • Mama Mia Photography
  • Precious Pictures
  • Tiny Tots Photography
  • Big Dreams Photography
  • Baby Bliss photos
  • Baby Cakes photography
  • Little Blessings
  • Over the Rainbow Imagery
  • Moon and Stars Photography
  • Hopscotch Photography
  • Grow with Me Photography
  • Willow Tree Photography
  • Capture the Moment Photography
  • Mama Bear Photography
  • Mockingbird Photography
  • Lullabies and Fairytales Imagery
  • Pebbles and Polkadots
  • Points in Time
  • Time Stands Still
  • Smell the Roses
  • Precious Milestones
  • Darling Moments
  • Picture Perfect
  • Smile for the Birdie
  • Mama’s Moments Photography
  • Mom & Pop Photo Shop
  • Heavenly Maternity Photography
  • Cool Kids Studios
  • Special Moments Studio
  • All in the Family Photography
  • Fun Family Portraits
  • Don’t Blink Photography
  • Events Studios
  • Sweet Baby Studio
  • Dream Photography
  • Baby Bee Photography

I mean you can’t go wrong with choosing a cute name, more than likely it is the mother who is going to find a photographer and she would want to see a cute name that she can relate to.

We are not finished yet, you need to take a look at the related words that we have prepared for you:

  • Adorable
  • Beaming
  • Bonny
  • Charm
  • Cheery
  • Cherub
  • Cozy
  • Dainty
  • Delicate
  • Delight
  • Enchanting
  • Escapade
  • Ethereal
  • Fantastic
  • Fluff
  • Giggle
  • Glitter
  • Graceful
  • Grand
  • Handsome
  • Humdrum
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Kind
  • Lavish
  • Lovely
  • Magnificent
  • Merry
  • Happy
  • Mollycoddle
  • Neat
  • Tidy
  • Oasis
  • Opulent
  • Pearly
  • Perky
  • Precious
  • Puff
  • Quirky
  • Radiant
  • Ravishing
  • Serendipity
  • Shenanigans
  • Splendid
  • Tender
  • Tidbit
  • Titter
  • Wonder
  • Yearning
  • Babe
  • Child
  • Fresh
  • New
  • Youthful
  • Nursling
  • Kid
  • Infantile
  • Beginning
  • infant
  • Newborn baby
  • Very small baby
  • Suckling
  • Bambino

Now you have all the necessary tools needed to create that perfect newborn studio name. Use our examples, related words, your name, name of the city, numbers (Example: “1-3 Adorable Newborn photography studio”), etc.

Also, here are some names of successful newborn photography studios:

Nurture Baby Photography – an excellent name for this type of photography. The word nurture gives a sense of security which is important when dealing with newborns.

Night Owl Photography Studio – this is just a cute name, but it lacks words that will connect it to newborn photography. Still, they managed to become extremely successful through good marketing.

Little New York Photography – cute and simple name designed for newborn photography. The word “little” implies that they work with newborn photography.

Put it all on paper and start connecting words, you will think of something truly great and beautiful, just have some faith in yourself.

Pet Photography Business Name Ideas

Let me just start off by saying this is a niche type of photography business. Either you are all in this niche or you are not a pet photographer.

Why am I saying this?

Your business name must scream pet photography in order to get better marketing results. You really need to point out that you are doing pet photography only.

Why is this so important?

Pet photographers have playrooms for pets, with the whole studio constructed to be a pet studio with special gadgets and equipment. You can’t just bring a dog to a normal studio and have a photoshoot. These photographers need to be good with pets. But let’s not get off topic, you get the point.


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So, the name must immediately speak to them. Think of a something creative like this PAWS (Photograph Animals with Style) Studio.

Looks like a good name? Well yes and no.

You could have problems with the Peoples Animal Welfare Society if you choose that name. This is just to point out how much research you need to do in order to get a great business name.

Also, if you are taking pictures of only cats and dogs you need to point that out in your name. If you only put something pet related, by accident someone can bring their snake for a photoshoot.

There is a difference between a pet photography studio and only a dog and cat photography studio. A pet photographer must be ready for any kind of pet.

Here are some related words to get you started:
  • beloved
  • cherished
  • darling
  • dear
  • fair-haired
  • favored
  • favorite
  • fond
  • loved
  • precious
  • special
  • sweet
  • admired
  • adored
  • appreciated
  • esteemed
  • relished
  • revered
  • prized
  • treasured
  • preferred
  • ducky
  • favorite
  • preferred
  • darling
  • dog
  • animal
  • pigeons
  • beasts
  • cute
  • faeries
  • fairies
  • weevils
  • caresses
  • darlings
  • fondles
  • cats
  • kitties
  • canines
  • puppies
  • kittens
  • pooch
  • critters
  • rabbits
  • pup
  • kennel
  • bassets
  • greyhounds
  • puggle
  • doggies
  • litterbox

These are just some of the examples with regards to the related words. You can probably think of more specific ones for your preferred pets.

A great name for pet photography is “Furrtographer studio”, it might suggest to others that you only take pictures of animals that have fur, but I don’t think that will be much of an issue. Something creative and clever can go a long way in this industry.

Now let’s give you some other examples for a pet photography studio:
  • Photography Bow Wow studio
  • Fetch! Pet Photography studio
  • Every Pet is Welcome! Pet Photography studio
  • Cute Pet Photography studio
  • Animal Shelter Photography studio
  • Don’t Bark Photography studio
  • Paw Prints studio
  • We Love Pets! Photography studio
  • Pet Lover’s Photography studio
  • Animal Treasure Photography
  • Happy Tails Photography
  • No Humans Allowed Photography studio
  • Only Pet Photography studio

There are many more examples, don’t stray from using cute names. Also, use current examples and combine them with related words we have given you and we are sure you are going to find an appropriate name for your photography business.

Also, use these example names of successful pet photography studios in the world as a guideline:

London Pet Photography – they have used the name of the city and kept it really simple. In this kind of photography, it important for the clients to know you are a pet photographer.

Zoo Studio – really transparent name and the client knows you are taking pictures of animals and not of humans.

Good Real Estate Photography Business Names

What names are appropriate for a real estate photography studio?

This name must be elegant, serious and professional. There is no room for cute words or something cool, you need to show professionalism within your name.

real estate

Try developing your name from these related words:

  • property
  • realty
  • real property
  • estate
  • realtor
  • asset
  • business
  • financial
  • developer
  • investor
  • beachfront
  • leasehold
  • fact
  • factuality
  • ownership
  • propriety
  • commonage
  • property right
  • owner
  • lawfulness
  • thingness
  • adverse possession
  • home
  • real world
  • personal property
  • immovable
  • mortgage
  • condo
  • condominium
  • house
  • firm
  • company
  • agency
  • retail
  • department
These words are only related to real estate, now try combining them with some creative words like these ones:
  • ailurophile
  • brood
  • assemblage
  • chatoyant
  • becoming
  • beleaguer
  • comely
  • bucolic
  • bungalow
  • cynosure
  • chatoyant
  • conflate
  • desultory
  • dalliance
  • denouement
  • demesne
  • dulcet
  • demure
  • desuetude
  • diaphanous
  • elixir
  • dissemble
  • dulcet
  • elision
  • ebullience
  • eloquence
  • effervescent
  • fetching
  • efflorescence
  • embrocation
  • ephemeral
  • embrocation
  • emollient
  • epiphany
  • forbearance
  • erstwhile
  • gambol
  • ethereal
  • glamour
  • evanescent
  • halcyon
  • felicity
  • furtive
  • harbinger
  • imbroglio
  • incipient
  • ingenue
  • insouciance
  • labyrinthine
  • lagoon
  • lassitude
  • lilt
  • lithe
  • moiety
  • murmurous
  • offing
  • palimpsest
  • panoply
  • penumbra
  • plethora
  • pyrrhic
  • ratatouille
  • redolent
  • ripple
  • sempiternal
  • serendipity
  • sumptuous
  • Susquehanna
  • talisman
  • umbrella
  • vestigial
  • wherewithal
  • evocative
  • fugacious
  • gossamer
  • imbrication
  • imbue
  • ineffable
  • inglenook
  • inure
  • lagniappe
  • languor
  • leisure
  • lissome
  • mellifluous
  • mondegreen
  • nemesis
  • opulent
  • panacea
  • pastiche
  • petrichor
  • propinquity
  • quintessential
  • ravel
  • riparian
  • scintilla
  • seraglio
  • summery
  • surreptitious
  • susurrus
  • tintinnabulation
  • untoward
  • wafture
  • woebegone
Now you have some material to work with, we can try creating a few examples with these words:
  • Ethereal Real Estate Photography studio
  • Property Photography Agency
  • Quintessential House Photography studio
  • Evocative Realty Photography Company

Here are some examples of combining words from our list. Hope you will find something that you like. As always you can use your name, numbers, location, etc.

Some examples of successful real estate photography studios:

Upward studio – like we said before, an elegant and professional name, this one has it all.

Studio 12 Austin – it is not transparent, but it is simple. They have used numbers and that is different from the other names being used.

Social Media Photography

Here we will mostly focus on creative photography names for Instagram. People use Instagram as a way to sell their photos or to market themselves.

Here you can do almost anything with regards to a name. This is why we left it for the end, it just depends on what types of photos you are producing.

Almost anything goes because mostly, people search for photos using the hashtags.

Social media

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Here are some of the examples but you can really do anything:

  • Bursts of inspiration
  • Clicks of clarity
  • Shutter wide open
  • Eye for beauty
  • Photomaniac
  • Photofunia
  • Fotofun
  • Fotosapiens
  • Dslrhunters
  • Photon
  • Photolit
  • Fotografer
  • LuRred
  • FotoFinish
  • NotNegative
  • OverExposed
  • UnderExposed
  • Pixelated
  • PixelPassion
  • TriX
  • ChromoTographer
  • topcam
  • Duo exposures
  • Picture bay view
  • Image first
  • A&Z
  • Second element pics
  • Shutter’s moment
  • Merge memories
  • Own filters
  • Candy click
  • Curious caption
  • Reflect elements
  • Wonder view
  • Dots and Dits
  • Sweet scarlet
  • Photoberr
  • Well captured
  • Rj’s moments photography
  • Photo with tripod
  • Offspring photo works
  • Keep it nice
  • Let love
  • Photo for good
  • Click it
  • Roger’s light photography
  • Happy filters
  • Soulful memory pixels
  • Kaptured
  • Twenty-two seconds love
  • Nick with pic
Let’s see how more popular Instagram photographer do this:

everchanginghorizon – Quin Schrock

eye.of.ty – Ty Newcomb

drcuerda – Daniel Rueda

cimkedi – Yener Torun

neohumanity – Niaz Uddin

croyable – Eelco Roos

thiswildidea – Theron Humphrey

parisianfloors – Sebastian Erras

Humans of New York

The Slow Traveler


Now let’s do a little review of their names.

Quin Schrock is a travel photographer, he took the name “everchanginghorizon”. This is perfect for his photography style. As he travels horizons keep changing. It is really a great and clever name for this kind of photography.

Ty, Daniel and Yener do creative color photography. This is why their names are unique and personal.

Niaz does landscape photography. His name is also creative but also has an artistic vale that points out what he does in photography.

Eelco is also a landscape photographer. He took the French name “croyable” that means “incredible”. Not really the best name ever but it probably works well in France.

Theron does wildlife and animal photography. I just love her Instagram name, is describes what she does while still being clever and creative.

The remaining photographers from the above list are into lifestyle photography. As you can see their names are unique and draw the attention of the viewer. Visit them and you will understand how their photography style interconnects with their photography names.Related: How To Make Money As A Photographer On Instagram?

The Best Photography Names Don’t Fall from the Sky

Naming your photography business is not an easy task.

I mean it can be easy if you are not considering all of these factors. But then you will face numerous problems like having to compete with other businesses. Especially if they are located in your area of work, let’s say in the same city.

This doesn’t mean that picking your photography business name is intended to be stressful.

If nothing it can actually be quite fun. Once you have your name, you begin your journey as a professional business.

Marketing will get a lot easier once you have a name that you can connect your image to. This name will represent you and all of the things that you stand for. It will be a guide for the future of your career.

So, don’t take it too easy! Actually, put time and thought into choosing the correct photography name for your business.

Best of luck!

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Best Photography Names: How To Name Your Photography Business

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