How Do Female Models Pose in Photography? | All You Need to Know!

Women are among the most interesting subjects in photography. If you are a photo hobbyist, taking photos of women may look easy and fun. But if you are an aspiring or a newbie professional photographer, it’s more than just pressing that shutter button. Therefore, you should know how female models pose in front of a camera.

This article will provide you with ideas on how to prepare before having female models pose for you, as well as various natural but stunning female model poses for photography.

How to Prepare Before Having Female Models to Pose?

1. Build Credibility

You don’t just ask any woman or female model to pose for you. You should prove to her that you can take great photographs and you know what you are doing. To build your credibility, start experimenting with your female friends and relatives. Learn how to build a rapport with female models. And, if necessary, take a photography course.

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2. Collect Photos of Female Model Poses

Collect Photos of Female Model Poses

Have a photo collection of different poses of female models on your phone. It does not matter whether those photos are new or were taken several years ago. Also, don’t just rely on the Internet. Get some photography magazines. However, don’t ask your model to imitate them. Instead, be creative and produce original, stunning photos on your own. 

3. Search for the Right Model

There’s no such thing as a perfect model, but you can find the right one. Not only should she look good in different clothing, but she should also have the personality that you want her to express in your photos. Also, don’t limit yourself when it comes to skin color and body shapes. The key here is to find a model that can produce the results you want.

4. Talk Professionally

Talk Professionally

If a model responds to your inquiry, maintain a professional demeanor when speaking with her, especially if you are a man. Don’t ask her to meet you in your studio or at home. Instead, meet her in a public place, such as a park or a mall. Show your credentials and politely explain everything to her. Otherwise, she might doubt your intentions.

5. Sign a Photography Contract

It’s always better if both of you will sign a photography contract. This document contains your names, contact information, and your business details. It should also include all the details of your photoshoot, including the payment, place, and date. Also, mention copyright ownership and transfer of use rights for her and the public use.

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6. Avoid Being Alone Together

Avoid Being Alone Together

As much as possible, do the photoshoot in a public place such as a park, beach, or anywhere that other people could see you. This will make your female model feel more comfortable. Avoid doing it in your studio with only the two of you alone. If you will take photos indoors, ask her to have at least one friend or a companion of her choice.

7. Strike the Pose Yourself

Don’t just tell your female model how to pose; strike the pose yourself and show it to her. This will not only help her learn the pose quickly, but you can also use this as an ice-breaker to ease some awkwardness. However, this can be challenging if you are a straight guy. Therefore, it’s better if you practice them alone before your photoshoot. 

8. Don’t Touch Your Model

You may not have a bad intention towards your model, but touching her can send the wrong signal. So, if you want her to change her pose or move a bit, give her clear instructions. But in cases that you think you should hold her hand or any part of her body, ask for her approval first and do it gently. This will also add trust and rapport.

Note: Don’t just take photos in public places. In some cases, you may need to seek a permit from the authorities. Make sure you know the laws in your area. If you will do the photoshoot on private property, make sure that the property owner has allowed you.

27 Natural but Stunning Female Model Poses for Photography 

The list of different poses for female models for photography is endless. You can also improve them so your model can act naturally but still be stunning. On the other hand, choose the poses that will fit her facial expression, height, and body shape. So without further ado, below are 27 stunning female poses you can use as guides:

Standing Poses

Standing Pose

1. Hands in Hair

Putting her hands in her hair is an ideal pose if your female model is still a beginner. Although it looks common and easy, you can still improve it. Ask her to lift her chin slightly to make her look more confident.

2. Pull the Hair on Both Sides

This is a great variation of the one mentioned above, especially if your female model has long hair. Ask her to gently pull her hair upwards or sideways. To make the photos more enchanting, she can also make different facial and eye expressions.

3. Hands on Cheeks

This is another common female model pose for beginners. Ask her to put her hands on her cheeks but not too hard. Make sure her left fingers are symmetrical with her right fingers, although the gaps between her fingers may not necessarily be equal.

4. Hand on the Hip

Ask your model to put her right hand on her hip and bend sideward slightly to form a letter ‘s.’ Her other hand could be on her face, hair, or even at the other side of her hip. She can also try different head turns and hand positions. Do some experiments.

5. Hands in Pockets 

This is another simple pose but can still look elegant. Ask your model to put her hands on her front pockets, bend her head or body slightly sidewards, and move one leg in front. If she is wearing jeans, she can put her hands in the back pockets instead.

6. Hands in the Air

Simply ask your female model to raise her hands in the air, with one hand holding the other arm as if she just woke up and stretching her arms. To make it more appealing, ask her to close her eyes, look at the sky, or bow her head slightly.

7. Hand at the Back of Her Neck

Ask your female model to put one hand (left or right) at the back of her neck. This pose can look more elegant if she has long, beautiful hair. Ask her to look straight at the camera, but make sure you shoot at eye level. Otherwise, her face may look bigger.

8. Arms Crossed

Female models crossing their arms as if they are feeling cold are most suitable during winter or fall. To make it look cozier, ask your model to lift her head a bit, face slightly sidewards, and close her eyes.

9. One Hand on Mouth

Putting one hand on her mouth can look more interesting if she will slightly open her mouth. Your model can choose either her right hand or left hand, whichever she feels comfortable with. You can also ask her to stand sideways.

10. Face Partly Hidden

To partially cover the face of your female model, you can use a scarf of any soft fabric. However, make sure the color of the cloth will compliment her skin color and will emphasize the color of her eyes. To make her feel more comfortable, use a zoom lens.

11. Stretch a Hand Forward

Partially covering her face with her hand is a variation of the above pose. Here, your model can stretch her hand (right or left) towards your camera lens. To create a foreground, use a large aperture and focus on your model’s face.

12. Leaning Against a Wall

This common female model pose has lots of variations. She can stand sideways or her back against the wall. However, make sure her shoulders are not slumped. If you will include her feet, ask her to cross one leg over the other.

Walking Poses

Walking Poses

13. Walking Towards the Camera

Take photos of your female model while she is slowly walking towards you. Ask her to walk naturally, as if there’s no camera in front of her. While taking photos, walk backward at the same time and make sure to lock the focus.

14. Walking Away (Looking at the Camera)

Take photos of your female model while she is slowly walking away from you. At the same time, ask her to look back at you. Make sure one side of her hair is not covering her face. To make it more dramatic, ask her not to smile.

15. Walking Away (Not Facing the Camera)

This pose may be quite odd, but it can tell a story. While your female model is facing back at the camera, you can focus on her long, shiny hair. It would look more mysterious if you use calm sea waves as your background.

16. Walking in Parallel With You

Ask your model to slowly walk in parallel with you. It’s like walking beside you, but with some distance, so you can take photos of her whole body. This pose is ideal if she is walking on beach sand or in the shallow part of the sea.

Sitting Poses

Sitting Poses

17. Elbows on Knees

Request your female model to put elbows on her knees while sitting on a chair, bench, or staircase. Whatever she is wearing, she should put her knees together. Make her face your focus but allow her to change the position of her hands.

18. Resting on a Diagonal

A diagonal is any slanted surface such as a stair railing. Ask your female model to slightly lean and rest her arms on it. You may also tilt the camera. Adding a diagonal line on portrait photos can add dynamics and a sense of action to the subject.

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19. Sitting on the Ground

With your female model sitting on the ground, you can produce a lot of variations. You can take photos on one side of her face while her left (or right) back arm is resting on top of her knee. You can also experiment with different head poses.

20. Hands Around Her Ankles

This is one of the favorite friendly poses of women while they are sitting on the ground. Ask your model to cross one leg, tuck the other leg under her body, and put her hands around her ankles. Just make sure you are at eye level.

21. Elbows on the Table

Putting elbows on the table may look casual, but it is very feminine. For additional poses, you can ask your female model to tilt her head slightly and cross her legs. If you want to tell a story, put things on the table such as fruit, drinks, or even a book.

22. Squat

Squatting may be quite challenging and awkward for female models, especially if they are wearing high heels. So, to create a balanced pose, ask your model to sit or lean on one leg and slightly stretch the other leg.

23. Toes Pointing Out

To be slightly different, experiment with your female model’s feet. While she is sitting on a chair or a couch, ask her to tip-toe so her toes will be pointing out. If you want to add mystery, ask her to be bare-footed and not to show her face.

24. Head on Knees, Hands on Feet

Ask your model to sit on the floor or a stool, bend her knees up to her chest, and place her hands on her feet. To add some emotions, request her to rest her head on her knees and slightly face sidewards. However, only a portion of her face should be seen.

Lying Down Poses

Lying Down Poses

25. Lie on Side

There are tons of variations you can make on this pose. You can ask your model to lie down on the floor on one side with her arm stretched or lie in bed partially covered with a blanket while her head is resting on her arm with a pillow.

26. Lying on the Back

Request your female model to lie down on her back and look straight at you. Ask her to raise one hand above her head while the other hand near her chest. Make sure her hair is properly laid down and that the angle will not cause a double chin.

27. Lying on the Stomach

Great for beach photography, your model should face the camera while lying on her stomach. To provide comfort, she can also rest her cheek slantingly on her hand. If she is showing cleavage, make sure it will not cause distractions to viewers.

How Do Female Models Pose in Photography? | All You Need to Know!